Private Dining


Private dining has seen a huge resurgence in the UK due to the foodie revolution of the last few years. Those with a passion for food are exploring deeper into exotic and rare ingredients to wow their dinner party guests. Even for those who cook well, hiring a private chef has many perks.

  • Bespoke, top quality restaurant food in your own home, at a time and date of your choosing.

  • A personal professional service that will never be enjoyed quite the same by anyone other than you and your guests.

  • No washing up!

  • You can enjoy hosting a magical dinner party, be it 3 courses or 7 courses with canapés, you are spending the whole evening with your guests, not slaving away in the kitchen.

  • Access to rare and expensive ingredients that you might not have been able to get hold of on your own, cooked to perfection!

We are able to cater for a range of numbers dependent on your menu, venue and style. The smallest table we cater is 6 people, the most we usually cater for plated silver service is 25-30. For buffet style or family style food, we are able to cater into the hundreds, with lots of flexibility on a wide ranges of dishes from the deliciously simple, to the sumptuously decadent. 

If you don't feel that your own dining room is right for the occasion, we do offer the use of our own Private Dining Room on our premises near Wem. This table can seat 12. The room is ornately decorated in a deep burgundy red with a marble fireplace and antique wooden dressers. The table can be laid with a choice of our Wedgwood crockery. To enquire about the hire of this room, please use our contact us page. 

Canapé Parties



"Canapé; a small piece of bread or pastry with a savoury topping, served with drinks at receptions or formal parties."

But we decided we didn't like that definition so we created a wide range of sweet and savoury canapés on a variety of bases - or no base at all! Canapés are one of the most versatile food styles going, in that there are endless possibilities for flavour, colour, texture and smell. We provide everything from the simplest of canapés, such as a crostini topped with beetroot hummus, to exciting out-of-the-box canapés such as a pink grapefruit pannacotta set in a kumquat skin topped with a caramel shard!

At Comyn Bruce, canapés start from 75p each and work their way up. Almost everything is made from scratch and is rarely bought in. When suppliers are used, they are high quality, reputable companies. The minimum number we provide canapés for as a drop off service is 6 people, the minimum we provide a waitressed canapé event for is 25.

Our guide to how many canapés you need starts with the time frame of the event. At a 1 hour pre-drinks canapé reception, each person eats on average 5 canapés. At a lunchtime corporate canapé function lasting 2 hours, where the canapés provided are the only food for lunch, each person on average eats 14 canapés. We are able to work the numbers out dependent on your function's specifics, feel free to just ask us for a rough number of canapés needed for your event, using the contact us page.


Large Parties

One of the things that all your guests will remember from your party, is how the food was. Great food at a great party makes for a magical night, so let us design the perfect buffet or family style menu for your gathering! 

With flexible pricing, we can create a menu which fits your price point but is still delicious and wow-worthy. We are able to provide one main dish with a side, up to 3 or 4 main dishes with sides to suit all dietary requirements and allergies.