Private Chefs

Why do all the hard work yourself? Get us in to do it for you!


Dinner Parties

You love to entertain, but you don’t love to cook… we have the solution!

We come into your home, fully prepped, and set you up for your dinner party. The table gets laid, with a menu for your guests, then you all sit back and enjoy yourselves whilst we cook and serve any number of courses to you at your leisure! Each menu is bespoke and designed by Georgia and yourself in advance of the party.

The best part? NO WASHING UP! We always leave your kitchen as clean as or cleaner than we found it, winner.


Holidays and Long Breaks

You’re looking forward to your holiday or long weekend away, but you’re not so enamoured by the idea of cooking for everyone every day, and going out just isn’t an option every single night.

Hire me, Georgia, as your personal chef for the duration of your break. I will do all the shopping, breakfast, lunch and dinner - cake too if you want it! You will really be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest extent, and all for less than the cost of eating at a restaurant every night.

becky holding food.jpg

Special Occasions

Party of 20 or so? Enough to be a task to feed, but not enough to class as a big ‘do’.

Get us in to cook and clean whilst you have fun. Or let us drop off the food for you to just remove the clingfilm! Options are endless. Get in touch.